We Launched A Blog For Hemorrhoids, Piles, And Constipation Patients

Hemorrhoids or Piles is one of the most common diseases people suffer these days. Almost 10 million cases are reported from India alone, and this number is enough to predicate the total global coverage of this disease. The worst fact is it remains for life time unless some precautionary measures are taken in advance. People from all ages are likely to suffer this varicose veins defect.

Hemorrhoids targets the rectal canal, and can be categorized in two types based on the location of hemorrhoids i.e. internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. After analyzing and making an intense web research we came to conclusion that we should create a community of hemorrhoids victims to share their stories and healing techniques in at one podium.

So we built a blog called Cure Hemorrhoids Piles, a micro niche blog that covers all aspect of Hemorrhoids and Piles. We have plans to make it a big blog cum community for piles and constipation patients.

Here are some highlights from the blog that might be useful for hemorrhoids victims:

What Are Hemorrhoids? And What are Signs And Simptoms Of Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids is a varicose veins disorder that occurs in the lower anal canal, usually at the opening of the rectum. Hemorrhoids is accompanied by bleeding sometimes, irritation and itching problem. Many times victim goes through intense pain while defecating. Some external hemorrhoids forms a bulge mass outside the opening which gives intense pain during excremental secretion.

What Causes Hemorrhoids? Possible Reasons For Hemorrhoids

There are lots of causes of piles, mostly today’s sedentary lifestyle and irregular habits of people are the culprits. Sometimes, Pregnant women suffer from temporary hemorrhoids after delivering baby. Further, over weight lifting, long sitting hours and too much anal sex is responsible for this to happen.

What Are Some Home Remedies For Piles At Home?

There are numerous home remedies available that can help you get rid of hemorrhoids fast at home without surgery and medical treatments. Some popular home based treatments include use of over-the-counter techniques like using sitz bath,  witch hazel, ointments for piles, applying ice, eating high fibre foods, using pomegranate peels, drinking milk and lemon juice together, applying aloe vera gel etc.

What Are Some Popular Hemorrhoids Treatment ?

Various Hemorrhoids treatment includes, medical and surgical treatments, homeopathic treatments, over-the-counter treatments, hemorrhoids treatments through yoga and exercises. Other popular hemorrhoids treatments include hemorrhoidectomy and hemorrhoid ligation.

What Are Some Ayurvedic Medicines For Piles & Hemorrhoids?

Ayurveda has solution to all kinds of diseases, although it is a slow curing process but works like charm. Divya Patanjali is known for it’s ayurvedic vatis, and they have come up with some great medications for piles and constipation. Some of the best patanjali medicines for piles include Arshkalp Vati, KayaKalp Vati and Triphalla Churna.

Does Yoga Help In Curing Piles Permanently?

Yes, Yoga can cure piles permanently. Both Pranayama and yoga asansas are very helpful in correcting the varicose veins problem. Kapalbhatti pranayama for 30 minutes daily, Ashwini mudra for 5 mins a day,Pawanmuktasana, are some important yoga for piles.

So there were some helpful posts from our newly launched micro niche blog. We hope to make it a big platform and all upcoming updates will be shared on Techeera. We are hoping to get some good response from the visitors.