What It Means Flying in Dreams?

Dreaming can be of anything and it is interpreted differently by the different religions and different methodologist. ‘Flying in dreams’ is very common for dreamers. It indicates feeling high, happy, hopeful, liberal etc. etc. The commonly accepted meaning of flying in dreams is ‘running good’ or ‘feeling good’ with something specific in life. Different depicters

How to Remember Dreams

We all have experienced those dreams in which we have been more excited than ever and the moment you wake up, the dream goes poof! And then you spend all your day thinking of ways how you can remember your dream so that you can narrate to anyone how you felt during the dream. However,

Cheating In Dreams Interpretation

Having a dream about cheating is one of the dreams that disturb the dreamer a lot. Most importantly, if you are already in a relationship and then you have a dream of this kind, it is indeed not a pleasant thing to dream about. Some dreamers often wake up under shock. Such dreams do place

Snake Dreams Interpretations

We don’t have our control over dreams. Some of the dreams make us happy, some make us sad, while some leaves us wondering that it was a dream or reality? One such dream is of snakes. There are various interpretations of snake dreams.  In Bible, snake is considered as enemy and in Hindu mythology, snake

Falling in Dreams Interpretations

As soon you go into your dreamland, you see a number of things in your slumber. Your subconscious mind is said to weave your dreams from your daily activities and from the concerns which envelop your mind. From the various types of dreams perceived, falling in dreams is one common experience. According to the research, a